Trò Chơi Ngoài Luồng Đổi Vợ H

Trò Chơi Ngoài Luồng Đổi Vợ H

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2023-10-14 00:00:20
Giới thiệu truyện

Khương Diệp rested her chin on the table, her face flushed as she watched Bùi Chinh clear the dishes. She wasnt drunk yet, but her limbs felt weak and soft, as if they were about to give in to the intoxication.

"Are you drunk?" Bùi Chinh wiped his hands and looked at with concern, noticing the watery glint in her eyes.

"Not yet," Khương Diệp replied, leaning against his chest. Her voice was soft and slurred, "But I...I want you to hold me."

Bùi Chinhs heart squeezed at her words, as if an invisible hand was crushing it in a tight grip.

**Authors note: This story contains explicit content and is not suitable for all audiences. Reader discretion is advised.

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