Tn60 Sau Khi Bị Từ Hôn Tôi Gả Cho Đại Lão Truyện Thập Niên

Tn60 Sau Khi Bị Từ Hôn Tôi Gả Cho Đại Lão Truyện Thập Niên

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2023-10-16 00:00:10
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Hạ Thược has been working as a waitress for a long time and is planning to retire to her hometown to take care of the elderly. However, when she wakes up, she is transported to a world of poverty and hardship. She even has horns on her head.

After traveling thousands of to Quan Dong, she discovers that her fiance has married someone else and has two children. Afraid of causing a scene, her fiance introduces her to another potential husband.

The man is tall, handsome, and has a well-respected relative who is a leader in a large factory. Hạ Thược is immediately smitten, but her fiance fails to mention that this man is a notorious playboy and rogue.

Hạ Thược is forced to become a housewife, doing household chores and working to support the family. The days ahead are filled with hardship and suffering.

What Hạ Thược fails to mention is that before she was transported to this world, she had read a novel in which the wealthy protagonists new husband was highly respected and revered.

After marriage, she is expected to receive a stable job without overtime and live happily ever after. However, her wealthy husband demands that she work overtime in the evenings.

When the man persists in persuading her, Hạ Thược silently thinks, "Why talk about riches and millions? Why not go home? Why be obsessed with earthly desires?"

Summary: Thank you for not marrying me, you scumbag.

Moral: Life may be hard on you, but that doesnt mean you should be hard on yourself.

Tag: Romance, Decades, Time Travel, Wealth, Making Money.

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