Thiên Kim Thật Xuống Núi Rồi

Thiên Kim Thật Xuống Núi Rồi

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Tô Tái Tái was feeling miserable. Her elder martial brother, who was in charge of making money to support the family, had given up. He left behind Tô Tái Tái, who was now of an age to fend for herself, and their martial arts master who was getting ready to retire. recent years, the master had taken a liking to nurturing strange and exotic pets, much to the distress of the large family.

But just as things seemed to be at their lowest point, a surprise visitor arrived at their doorstep. It turned out that Tô Tái Tái was actually a noble lady from a prestigious family, her grandmother had come to take her to the city!

What?! Tô Tái Tái had already been engaged since childhood, but the groom-to-be was just a villager in the wilderness. Only a fake noble lady would want to marry him, and when he found out that Tô Tái Tái was still alive, he had offered her a hundred thousand yuan just to leave him alone???

"No way, at least add another hundred thousand," Tô Tái Tái raised a finger to increase the price, "otherwise, theres nothing to negotiate."

"You shameless woman!" her fiance yelled.

"Are you insulting me?" Tô Tái Tái was taken aback for a moment, her face serious.

After staring at the other person for so long that their face became numb, she slowly opened her mouth again. "Then give me another fifty thousand as compensation for the mental distress I suffered."

The pets that her master had nurtured at the mountain behind their sect were all carnivorous creatures that needed regular feeding, and this was a great expense!

The demons in the mountain behind the sect loudly voiced their support for their young mistress.


Soon after, their elder martial brothers left to start their own lives. Tô Tái Táis family was left with the lush greenery growing in their sect and a hundred years worth of food and money that their elder brother had left behind.

But now, for the sake of survival, they had to start a business.

Stay tuned for more!

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