Thiên Kim Thật Viết Văn Linh Dị Bạo Hồng

Thiên Kim Thật Viết Văn Linh Dị Bạo Hồng

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2023-10-16 14:00:08
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Thích Tuyền, a prodigy in the world of mystical arts, dies young and is reborn as the hated heroine in a novel. To make things worse, she is also saddled with a writing system that controls her fate. To prolong her life, she begins a series of novels called "Diary of Haughty Beauty."

At first, readers of the haughty beauty genre blast her writing, calling it low-quality and boring. However, as Thích Tuyền keeps writing, her style improves immensely, and soon people are throwing precious stones at her feet and calling her a genius.

As time goes on, Thích Tuyền becomes popular among all readers, even those who didnt like her works at first. Her stories are full of pathos and evoke deep emotions in readers. She becomes the most famous author on the web and is showered with attention, from literary critics to fans of haughty beauties.

While her first characters may have been flat and predictable, as time goes on, Thích Tuyền hones her craft and creates complex, multi-dimensional characters with deep emotional lives that often reflect her own personal struggles. Her male characters, in particular, are admired for their complexity and depth, even as they struggle to come to terms with the strong-willed, independent women in Thích Tuyềns stories.

Even though her writing now garners a massive following, Thích Tuyền never forgets her past. She remains humble, continuing to write and improve, always striving to reach new heights in her craft. And despite all the fame and fortune that comes her way, she never forgets her true passion: writing deep, heartfelt stories that resonate with readers everywhere.

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