Thập Niên 80 Kiều Thê Xinh Đẹp Ông Xã Quân Nhân Không Nhịn Nổi

Thập Niên 80 Kiều Thê Xinh Đẹp Ông Xã Quân Nhân Không Nhịn Nổi

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2023-11-02 10:00:35
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Diệp Mộc Tây, a newly appointed seven-star chef, found himself transported back to the 1980s after a car accident. He met a married woman, whose husband was a tall and slender soldier. For someone who had been single for 29 years, this was a blessing in disguise.

However, the husband was trapped his former boss, leaving the woman alone to marry Diệp Mộc Tây. The chef decided to enjoy his destiny, opting to make the best of the situation.

All his colleagues working in the Hoa Bắc area knew that their boss had got married, but until the day she came to visit, he hadnt mentioned his wife in front of them. Everyone secretly speculated that the reason could have been because she was too unattractive to look at.

One day, Dung Cảnh Thần brought his wife to the office, and everyone went wild. With her incredible beauty, it was obvious that their boss had married a fairy. But they wondered if she could endure the hardships of being married to the boss.

Later, they discovered that the fairy was not just capable at handling domestic affairs but was also an excellent cook. Seeing his comrades come over every day to eat, Dung Cảnh Thần tightly held his wifes hand and said: "Get lost! If you want to eat, go find a wife yourself!"

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