Nữ Chính Thích Chèo Thuyền Giới Giải Trí

Nữ Chính Thích Chèo Thuyền Giới Giải Trí

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2023-10-17 10:00:31
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Tiết Lam, the author of "Lost on the Road", suddenly finds herself transported into a world where she becomes a famous actress with the same name. Her counterpart is currently being bashed online, leading to the termination of her contract with only a clueless manager left by her side.

One day, manager discovers that Tiết Lam has gone from being inactive in PR to suddenly going all-out in shipping various couples. This prompts him to suggest various opportunities for her to participate in, but Tiết Lam is apathetic towards them all.

However, when the manager mentions that a popular celebrity couple would also be attending one of the events, Tiết Lam immediately agrees to go. She ends up accepting an invitation to appear in a live show. When the opportunity arises to land a supporting role in a period drama, Tiết Lam thinks her poor acting skills would make her ineligible. But since the role is just a small, easily replaceable one, shes confident that the role is hers.

The rest of the cast and crew soon realize that Tiết Lam has undergone a drastic transformation. While everybody is busy performing and making jokes, shes quiet and reserved, though her smile betrays warmth and affection.

Curious netizens discover that her new smile is familiar. Its the same smile she has when shes shipping her favourite male couples.

Meanwhile, Tiết Lams counterpart is still being attacked online. Tired of it all, she decides to retire from the industry. Its then that Tiết Lam realizes shes fallen in love with her literary sisters brother, Thịnh Lâm.

Her lov​e life and her literary career become intertwined, and Tiết Lam learns the hard way that some ships are better off left alone.

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