Kiếp Sau Nguyện Yêu Anh

Kiếp Sau Nguyện Yêu Anh

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2023-10-18 00:00:13
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Tô Châu, the author of this story, tells the tale of Tô Ngọc Nhi who, only after becoming a spirit, realizes that the happiness she had experienced throughout her 28 years of life had been mostly fake. The people she had trusted had actually been trying to harm her from behind, those she despised had quietly cared for and loved her.

Given a second chance at life, Tô Ngọc Nhi sets out to find true happiness for herself.

Note: This story has a similar plot to "Trọng sinh tìm lại hạnh phúc," which the author had previously written and has been edited for this publication.

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