Bất Tử Ta Thiêu Đốt Thọ Nguyên Tới Vô Địch!

Bất Tử Ta Thiêu Đốt Thọ Nguyên Tới Vô Địch!

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2023-10-14 16:00:03
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One day, unexpectedly, Tieunhien was reborn in the Dongtian world! In this world, there were immortal emperors and divine kings ruling over their subjects. However, Tieunhien discovered that he possessed a unique and unparalleled physique called the Indestructible Chaotic Body.

Despite his limitless lifespan, this physique couldnt be trained through traditional methods. as he was planning to live the life of luxury as the son of his father, the Emperor of Standards, Time City suddenly appeared.

A technique worth a billion years of lifespan? No need to think twice, just buy it!

Burning ones lifespan could increase ones cultivation? Then burn 100 million years of lifespan first!

At this moment, Tieunhien finally understood the incredible power his body possessed.

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