Bắt Đầu Từ Show Sinh Tồn Nơi Hoang Dã

Bắt Đầu Từ Show Sinh Tồn Nơi Hoang Dã

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Trinh Dieu, the worlds number one spy, woke up on a small island after being forced to commit suicide. While the island was barren, its resources were abundant. He decided to hide there, changing his identity and lifestyle completely.

Every day he farmed and fished, and hunted whenever he craved meat. He his life freely, content with the peace the island brought, until one day a group of people arrived, saying that they had finished filming and he could leave the island now. They added that he was now famous all over social media. However, Trinh Dieu, who had time-travelled to this world from ancient times, had no idea what a camera was.

When news of his participation in a wilderness survival reality show spread, the audience expected him to give up easily and demand to leave within a day. But he surprised everyone by persevering for an entire month.

On the first day, Trinh Dieu grilled a rabbit to eat. On the third day, he made a net and caught a bunch of seafood. On the fifth day, he fashioned a simple bow and arrow, shooting an elk running away in a fit of panic, the arrow piercing its heart.

A month later, the audience was silenced by the splendid home he had built, the vast fields of grain sprouted, and his plans to settle on the island. Trinh Dieu had become a force to be reckoned with, and the audience was in awe. His response? "I prepared to live a long, long life here, yet all of you said this was a reality show?"

As time went on, Trinh Dieus true colors began to shine through, and they were darker than expected, prompting people to shudder in fear. Even so, Trinh Dieu remained as confident as ever. "How can one be a spy if they cannot play the piano, dance, write, or even assassinate?"

In the end, Trinh Dieu was indeed the worlds number one spy, having casually wandered around forbidden areas of royal palaces, strolling through VIP areas of the rich and powerful as if they were his own backyards. He truly deserved the title.

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